Update “tested up to” value for WordPress plugin with SVN

I use SVN only when there is a need to update tested up to value for WordPress plugin. Instead of searching it every time I’ve decided to put the required commands here for a future reference.

Update “Tested up to” value using Subversion (SVN)

# Check out a working copy from a repository
svn co http://plugins.svn.wordpress.org/[plugin-slug]/

# Bring changes from the repository into the working copy (use the command below for existing repo)
svn up

# Update "Tested up to" value with a new version number (using Vim or change `vi` to your editor of choice, e.g. `nano`)
vi trunk/readme.txt

# Copy readme.txt to the tag with the newest version of the plugin
cp trunk/readme.txt tags/[the-newest-plugin-version]

# Print the status of working copy files and directories
svn stat

# Display local changes or differences between two revisions or paths
svn diff

# Send changes from your working copy to the repository
svn ci --username=[wp-username] -m "Bump tested up to X.Y"

See it on GitHub Gist: wp-update-tested-up-to.sh

Manage WordPress plugin using Git and sync the changes to SVN

For normal workflow like release, tag, and deploy a WordPress plugin from Git to the Subversion WordPress Plugin Directory, I use wordpress-git-svn-release bash script.

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